On metal sculptures, I usually apply Bead Contour Technique (BCT) using Gas Metal Arc Welding (commonly MIG). Simply, weld bead that is laid on the metal framework is shaped and contoured like clay using various power-grinding and shaping tools. The polishing phase is usually done with wire brush on an angle grinder or stippled with small carbide tipped burs on a die grinder of various sizes.

The finishing work on metal sculptures can take several routes, depending on the desired look. The natural finish will tarnish and rust. Blacksmith’s oil treatment will darken and add more texture to the piece. Automotive clear-coat will give the best protection against weathering and handling. Each procedure has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.

Wood pieces are first rough shaped with hatchet, chain saw or power grinders, then fine shaped with various bits and burs attached to a flex-shaft grinders. Hand tools like chisels, rasps and files also go through heavy usage in making wood sculptures. Powered sanders are used extensively until the end where everything is hand worked.